Digital art abundance.
Novari is a subscription service that provides unlimited full quality digital art, in your browser.
Discover emerging digital artists and artworks
Browse, search and enjoy great artists and artworks easily.
Build your art collection
Create or follow playlists and experience your favourites at any time.
Display anywhere
In full focus or played in the background, it's yours to display anywhere you'd like.
... have loved using it to date, so thank you!
N, User
Digital artworks and genres
Artists earn 60% of subscription fees. Uploads are free.
Artist fees are split amongst all artworks viewed by each subscriber that month. No gas fees or hidden costs, it’s a guaranteed pot split by views.
Built for security and privacy
Secure upload via the Artist Portal. Users can’t download your work and you can remove it at anytime.
Artists keep full copyright.
It’s a non-exclusive rental license, so you can show and sell your art anywhere else you’d like. It’s about getting your art in front of more people, not restricting it.
Really nice to be able to see something so straight forward and secure for artists.
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Web app beta
Desktop layout
Website update
Inc. self-referential roadmap
Video demo
Build playlist and view art
Play controls
Next / prev artwork
Working on it!!
With preview and controls
Up next
Artist Portal UI
Clear upload previews
Cast art to screens
Mobile layout
For mobile browser
Live in browser
Native Mobile
Javascript framework
Isn't digital art all about NFT’s?
NFT's are about owning unique tokens. It’s the traditional art world model of scarcity.

Novari is about experiencing unlimited art and building a collection. It's based on abundance.

Both models compliment each other, but if you’re more into ownership, try Hic et Nunc.
How are artists payments calculated?
Each month, 60% of each subscribers revenue is paid directly to artists. This is the 'Artists' Pot'.

This is based on the artworks viewed by that subscriber, that month.

For example, Jess views two artworks in June, for 10 hours each. That's 20 hours in total, with each artwork taking 50% of her total viewing time.

The respective artists for each artwork will therefore get 50% each of Jess' Artists' Pot.

This is intended to be fairer and more transparent than having a standard but very low payment per ‘view’, as has proved challenging on other streaming services.
Do the artist payments reward artworks that are viewed for longer?
Yes. The aim is to built an art collection that you return to again and again, and to reward the artists who produce this high quality work.

Instagram already has the couple-of-seconds-at-most art viewing experience nailed, this is a different approach.

This is evolving so let me know any suggestions to improve!
Is it free to join as an artist?
Yes! Sign up for free on the artist portal and upload, manage and remove artwork easily. Any issues, let me know and I'll take a look.
Do I own the artwork?
No, the artist does. Your subscription gets you unlimited access, so you get the experience of ownership without the cost.
Walter Benjamin said ...
Yes, he did.
Something missing? Let me know!
It’s surprisingly hard to experience digital art in full quality and build a real collection, like with music. As a fan, your options are:

- prints (expensive, take up limited space and not native format)
- NFTs (awkward to view, focused on ownership of tokens not experiencing art)

It’s all built around scarcity, deliberately making it hard to experience.

That’s why I’m building Novari - to give people who love experiencing digital art a way to do so accessibly and affordably, whilst paying artists fairly.

I’d love you to give it a try (and better yet, let me know how I can make it better!).
Matt McDonnell
Founder of Novari