Experience generative artworks in full quality.
Novari is a subscription service that provides unlimited access to generative art. Artists earn 60% of subscription fees.
Beta in development
View in any browser
Show on a digital frame
Project on the wall
How it works
  • £10/m, cancel anytime
  • Artists earn 60% of subscription fees
  • Artists retain full copyright
NFT's though

Novari is about experiencing generative art in full quality and building a collection. It's based on abundance.

NFT's are about owning unique tokens, which is the traditional art world model of scarcity.

Both models compliment each other, but if you’re more into owning tokens, try Hic et Nunc.

Do I own the artwork?

No, the artist does. Your subscription gets you unlimited access, so you get the experience of ownership without the cost.

Is it free to join as an artist?

Yes - sign up for free on the artist portal and upload, manage and remove artwork easily. Any issues, let me know and I'll take a look.

Walter Benjamin

Never heard of him.

Great idea? Let me know