Questions! Frequently Asked!


How does the artist contract work?

The artist contract is a non-exclusive rental license.

You can see the contract on the portal before registering (click on 'Sign up', then click on the 'Artist Agreement' (highlighted in pink) to view the contract).

You can also view it anytime when logged in to the portal by clicking on 'Artist Agreement' on the sidebar.

Is it free to join as an artist?

Yes! You can sign up for free on the artist portal and upload, manage and remove artwork easily.

Is my artwork secure?

Yes! The portal is safe and secure for uploading and managing artwork. The app is also secure and users have rental access only and can only access your artwork inside the app, so they can't download or use your artwork in any other context.

Is there a minimum amount of artwork?

No. You can upload as much or as little as you like and you can manage your artwork easily using the portal.

What artwork should I upload?

We are a platform for artists, so we don't restrict your artistic output.

We recommend that you upload artwork that you are proud of and reflects you as an artist.

If in doubt, start with a few favourites and go from there.

How is my artist profile picture chosen?

Your in-app profile picture is your most viewed artwork. You can check this on the portal, or on the app (under the Popular artworks section of your artist page)

Is digital art really art?


We're excited about the fantastic new artworks and artforms that are emerging through new technology, as well as the huge opportunity to make art more accessible. We'd love you to join us on this journey.

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