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Your digital art portfolio
Your art on Novari
Free for artists
There is no cost for artists to upload and display works
Earn income
60% of subscription revenue goes directly to artists
Full ownership
Keep full copyright and remove your art at any time.
Questions? See our Artist FAQ
The Platform
Artists can put their work on Novari for free. There are no charges of any kind for this usage.

You can create an account on the Artist Portal and view, edit, upload and delete your artwork at any time.

The platform is secure and users are not able to download your work from the platform.
Full ownership
You keep full ownership and control over your artwork.

We only use a non-exclusive license, and we rent (not sell) your work to users, who only have access for the duration of their subscription.

You are free to sell your works via other channels and can remove your artwork from the platform at any time.
Your audience
We want fans to discover and experience your work.

Our platform is structured to lower barriers to your audience, including cost, space in the home, availability and delivery time.

As a startup, we are focused initially on fans of contemporary digital artwork, and we aim to grow from there.
Earn Income
60% of subscription revenue is paid directly to artists.

This is split based on each subscriber’s viewing for the month.

For example, if Jess views two artworks that month, for 10 hours each, then each artwork has taken 50% of her total viewing time.

The respective artists will therefore get 30% of her subscription revenue (i.e. 50% of the allocated 60%).

This is intended to be fairer and more transparent than having a standard but very low payment per ‘view’, as has proved challenging on other streaming services.
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Create an account on our artist portal, below, for free.

You can remove your artwork at anytime.
Artist Portal
We want to create the best platform for artists - help us get it right!

See our Artist FAQ for useful info, or get in touch.